The Smart Contract Security Alliance Announces Founding Council

The Smart Contract Security Alliance Announces Founding Council

San Francisco, Oct 16th -- The Smart Contract Security Alliance is proud to announce its founding council and recognize the contributions its members have made in growing the security ecosystem in the last year. 

“The SCSA started on the premise that there is a large amount of value in blockchain security industry leaders working together. When all of us come together, our combined expertise can better guide the secure growth for all.” - Bernhard Mueller, MythX

The SCSA is proud to share some recent accomplishments of our alliance members:

In September 2018, the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing opened the CRYSTAL Centre, a blockchain research facility and think tank founded by renowned professors Dr. Prateek Saxena and Keith Carter. It has been named one of the most influential facilities shaping cryptocurrencies today.

LayerX, one of Japan’s premier blockchain security audit firms has become well-known for their work developing Plasma in the secure language Vyper. This “layer 2” Ethereum implementation speeds up transactions while keeping security at the forefront. More recently, they helped refine and formally verify CasperLabs' CBC Casper, a significant upgrade to the current energy-intensive proof of work blockchain model. 

NRI SecureTechnologies, started by the Nomura Research Institute, brings almost 20 years of cybersecurity experience to their blockchain services. They are recognized as one of global providers in managed security services by Forrester, and recently received their FIDO Universal Server certification; the 5th "FIDO Universal Server" in the world to do so. 

Fujitsu R&D Center, a China-based Fujitsu group company was founded in 1998. They develop technologies including optical communication, high-speed wireless communication, language processing, knowledge processing, multimedia processing, cloud computing and blockchain. Recently, they announced their ability to detect 13 types of potential risks within enterprise blockchain solutions.

Blockgeeks, founded in 2017 by Ameer Rosic and Dimitry Buterin, is a trusted education platform providing over 1000 courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. With over 14k subscribers, their YouTube channel is a must-watch for any new learner. They recently announced their partnership with WozU and introduced Bountyone, their exclusive platform for blockchain decentralized smart contract audits. 

MythX, made up of dedicated ConsenSys security auditors and Co-Founded by Tom Lindeman and famed researcher Bernhard Mueller, has just surpassed 1 million smart contract vulnerability scans on their platform. They recently launched out of beta, an impressive accomplishment having only started a year ago as a small community project.

Quantstamp is enabling a future of safer and more reliable blockchain applications through smart contract audits and the Quantstamp Security Network. Through their services, they have secured over a billion dollars of digital asset value through their audits, working on platforms like the Binance Stablecoin and the Klaytn platform for Kakao. Recently, researchers from Quantstamp published Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security, the world's first book dedicated to the subject of blockchain application security.

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